SOLAX of Xebex International, Ltd.

Artificial Solar Illumination Lamps
SOLAX Series

Artificial Solar Illumination Lamps,
SOLAX 100W Series & 500W Series

The light source color temperature is 5500K, very close to the sunglight's color temperature.

100W Series:
1. XC-100A: Transparent filter, 3,000cd (48º), 98 (colour rendering), 370 to 780nm
2. XC-100AF: Frosted filter, 1,600cd (60º), 98 (colour rendering), 370 to 780nm
3. XC-100B: Transparent filter, 3,000cd (48º), 96 (colour rendering), 300 to 780nm

500W Series:
1. XC-500A: Transparent filter, 26,000cd (60º), 98 (colour rendering), 370 to 780nm
2. XC-500AF: Frosted filter, 12,600cd (72º), 98 (colour rendering), 370 to 780nm
3. XC-500B: Transparent filter, 26,000cd (60º), 96 (colour rendering), 300 to 780nm

<Common conditions>:
- Lighting direction: From downward to horizontal (not for upward use)
- Operating temperture: -10 to 30ºC
- Colour temperature: 5500k
- Power source: 100 to 120V or 200 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
- Weight: 2.5kg (100W) or 6.5kg (500W, including a power unit)

- Tripod, stand with casters, floor stand, tripod for 2 lamps and telescopic stand (for 100W Series), or standard stand (for 500W series only)

* Useful for such users of Automobile manufacturers, Biological industries, Growers of vegetables, Institutions for health and sports, Sanatoriums, Hospitals (for operation and medical treatment), Pig farms, Poutry farms, etc.