Color digest of Xebex International, Ltd.

SD 5000_photo(720)_bl.jpgSpectrophotometric Color Meter, SD 5000
SE 6000_photo(720)_bl.jpgSpectrophotometric Color Meter, SE 6000
ZE 6000_photo(720)_or.jpgTri-stimulus Color Meter, ZE 6000
TZ-6000.jpgTransmission Color Meter, TZ 6000
NF-333.jpgHandy Color Meter,
NF 333
NDH 5000.jpgHaze Meter,
NDH 5000
NDH-4000.jpgHaze Meter,
NDH 2000N
COH-400.jpgColor, Oil & Haze Measuring Instrument, COH 400
OME-2000_photo(720)_bl.jpgColor Meter for Petroleum Products, OME 2000
NW-11.jpgCompact Color/ Whiteness Meter,
OIL-1.jpgPortable Color Metrer for Oil, OIL 1
WA-1.jpgPortable Water Analyzer, WA 1
NDR-2000.jpgDrainage Analyzer,
NDR 2000
ND-11.jpgDensitometer, ND-11
VG 7000.jpgGloss Meter, VG 7000
PG-1_or.jpgHandy Gloss Meter, PG-1 & PG-1M
Pgd-4.jpgDistinctness of Image Gloss Meter, PGD-4