Smart-DHA of Xebex International, Ltd.

Gasoline Analysis System
Smart DHA System
EzDHA_Eng002.jpgFor Gasoline Peak Identification Measurement

- Conforming to ASTM D6730-01 and JIS K 2536-2
- Supply of Analysis Software

Gasoline analysis for:
Methanol, MTBE, ETBE, Benzene and Kerosene fraction
Type Analysis (PONA)
Octane Number
Distillation curve
Physical properties (Molecular weight, Density)

Applicable gasoline is:
Premium gasoline, Regular gasoline, Catalytic cracking gasoline, Reforming gasoline, Straight run gasoline and Alkylate gasoline
FCCMAT products can also be applied with an optional unit to Agilent’s gas chromatograph.

[System Configuration]
This system should consist of the following Gas Chromatograph (made by Agilent) and a Personal Computer with our Smart DHA software.
- Gas chromatograph, main unit: Agilent 7890A (or 6890A)
- Auto-sampler: Agilent 7693 (or 7683)
- Columns: HP-1 and HP-5
- PC & Printer: for Agilent's "Chemi-Station" & Smart DHA
- Smart DHL Software