Orally Disintegrating of Xebex International, Ltd.

Orally Disintegrating Tablet Tester  
Model ODT-101
New product

Patented, with distinguished in-vivo & in-vitro correlativity

- Shaft: One shaft type
- Shaft diameter: 10mm dia. Straight (with a lock pin)
- Shaft mounting: One touch type
- Revolution setting: 5 to 140 rpm (variable speed by key input)
- Revolution transmission: by timing belt
- Measuring time display: Min. 1/100 sec. (or min.)
- Plummet: 15mm dia. (10g & 15g), 20mm dia. (10, 15 & 20g)
- Sample stage: 90mm dia. x 48.5 (H) mm (transparent acrylic)
- Sheet for detection: 0.1mm (t) (SUS-316)
- Beaker: 140mm dia. x 75 (H) mm (flat bottom, glass)
- Water bath: Pipe heater (300W), PID temp. control, Rm.Temp. +5゚C up to 59.9゚C
- Printer: Dot printer included in the supply
- Print items: Tested date/year, test starting time, bath water temperature, beaker inside temperature, revolution number, sample tablet's thickness, plummet's weight & diameter, disintegration time, etc.
- Power supply: 100V AC, 50/60Hz, 350W
- Dimensions & weight: 27 (W) x 70.6 (H) x 42 (D) cm, Net about 18kg (main unit only)