NW-11 of Xebex International, Ltd.

Compact Color/Whiteness Meter
Model NW-11
Available to use for color and whiteness measurements

Solid, powder and paste samples can be measured.

- Standard: ASTM D2244/E308/E1164/E313/D1925, DIN 5033/5036/6174, ISO 7724-1/105-J02,
- Light source: Xenon lamp
- Measuring time: approx. 2 seconds (at about 6 sec. interval)
- Measuring aperture: 10mm dia.
- Measuring repeatability: ΔE*= within 0.05
- Illumination condition: C2, C10, D652, D6510 (45ºa:0º)
- Display: Graphic color, 320 x 240 pixels (262,144 colors)
- Measuring items: XYZ, ΔXYZ, Yxy, Δyxy, L*a*b*, ΔL*a*b*, Hunter Lab, Hunter ΔLab, L*C*h*,
- Average measurement: max. 10 times
- Pass-fail test: Selective from color difference calculation methods
- Standard value & data memory: Settable for 40 data pieces, also from 400 data pieces in the memory
- Data output: USB 1.1, RS232C
- Warming-up: Not necessary
- Power supply: By built-in Li-ion battery, 3.7V, Charged by AC adapter
- Dimensions & weight: 220(L) x 142(D) x 70(H) mm, approx. 1.9kg

* Some of Accessories in Option:
Color management software (ColorMate5), Exclusive printer (Printy2), RS232C cable (for printer connection), Standard white plate, Sample stage for plate, Sample stage for round cell, Hard case