PGD-4 of Xebex International, Ltd.

Distinctness of Image Gloss Meter  
Model PGD-4

Marvelous coincidence with visual perception in the high gloss range

Ideal for quality control of painted, coated, plastic finished and other glossy surfaces and in enameling and coating processes, etc.

- Readings: in Gd gloss index number, well corresponding to visual perception
- Measuring range: 0.1 to 2.0 Gd
- Light source: Small bulb 2.5V 0.3A x 4 pcs.
- Power source: D (or R20) dry batteries x 4 pcs.
- Dimensions & weight: 22(W) x 17(D) x 14(H) cm, Net about 2.6kg

By means of 4 light sources, a test pattern is uniformly illuminated, which is directed at a sample surface by means of mirrors, and then the image reflected from this surface can be seen through an eyepiece to decide the Gd value.

Gd Value:
Gd is a unit of index which the Japan Color Research Institute established to express distinctness of image gloss. This index coincides well with the classification values on an eye test chart.