Video Loupe, VL-11S of Xebex International, Ltd.

Video Loupe
''SCALAR'' Model VL-11S

VL-11S.jpg A microscope that can be connected to a TV monitor

- High magnifying power of 400x
- High resolution by 410,000-pixel CCD camera
- High clarity with electronic shutter of 1/60 to 1/10,000

<Major Specifications>
- High magnifying power, high resolution and high clarity
- With a negative/positive selector switch
- Enlargement from a 35mm negative film is also possible.
- Image element: 1/3 inch 410,000 pixel CCD camera
- Image output: NTSC system, Video output: RCA jack/S jack
- Resolution: 460 or higher horizontal resolution
- Magnnification: 1 to 400x infinitely variable
- Light source: 5W ring fluorescent lamp
- Dimensions & weight: 85 x 80 x 205 mm, Approx. 600g
- Operating distance:
50x (16mm), 100x (9mm), 200x (5mm), 300x (3mm), 400x (2mm)

* Some of Accessories in Option:
- USB capture unit (for digital conversion)
- PR-ST11XY stand